Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Paul Tudor Jones: "Trader" documentary

Paul Tudor Jones PTJ Trader Documentary

Watch legendary hedge fund manager Paul Tudor Jones at work in the 1987 documentary, Trader.

See especially PTJ's comments on the importance of focusing on risk management in trading and investing (near the 33 minute mark): 

"Where you want to be is always in control, never wishing, always trading. And always, first and foremost, protecting your ass.

...That's why most people lose money as traders or as individual investors because they're not focused on the money they have at risk. If everyone spent 90% of their time on that instead of on how much money they're going to make, they'd be incredibly successful as investors." 

Classic stuff.

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Anton S. Kraievoy said...

doh! looks like the video has been wiped out once again?

David said...

You're right about that, Anton.

Check the Marketfolly link for more info on video availability at torrent sites (I have not tried these). You might also want to check YouTube to see if someone is uploading another version of the video.

We'll try & update this post later with a new working video if possible.

David said...

Newly updated vid up as of 8/10. Rock on.

Anonymous said...

i have a link to the video that you cannot find from googling. email me if you want it. i'm selling the information to the link. $300. regression.runner at g m a i l dot com

Anonymous said...

A couple of more links here:

Hikapo said...

Good stuff. i am going to share this too!

Regular Joe said...

I don't understand why this video gets removed from YouTube. Unless it is just a copyright issue, I did not see anything in the video that would blow the top off the secrets about trading in the market that Wall St. uses to bilk the average investor. So is it just copyrights being the reason?

David said...

Hey Joe,

Copyright may be a part of it. Also, the widely circulated rumor that PTJ (in later years) was not too jazzed about the video being out there.

Word is he & his team went around buying up most of the available copies to keep the documentary from being seen & copied. In any case, a few have leaked to the internet.

Finance Trends said...

New video link up.