Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Gerald Celente FSN interview

In Tuesday's notes, I pointed to a recent radio interview with Trends Journal editor, Gerald Celente at the Financial Sense Newshour.

I found the interview so worthwhile that I wanted to highlight it again in its own post. I'm sure those of you who are interested in the shape of things to come, economically and culturally speaking, will find it a worthwhile listen as well.

FSN host Jim Puplava starts off by noting the accuracy of Celente's prediction regarding the "Panic of '08", but it's not his predictions or forecasts that really interest me. It's his no nonsense take on what's happening right now that impressed me most.

Listening to the broadcast, I was struck by Celente's willingness to discuss current realities in a way that most media stand-bys won't. Check out his thoughts on taxation and the "squeezing of the little guy" to hear exactly what I mean. I think you'll find the honesty and clarity refreshing.


cornsilk said...

Yes. I've listened to this interview several times. His most aggressive prediction, as I heard, was that something -- SOMETHING -- should happen around the end of February.

I'll be watching... And waiting...

David said...

Hi Silk,

Yes from what I've learned/heard about Celente in recent weeks, it seems he has made some very bold forecasts about the US and its economy.

As far as predictions go, you never know how they'll really turn out.

I think a lot of their appeal is entertainment value (especially when you get to the more outlandish end of the spectrum), and it's easy to forget forecasts that have been totally wrong or off the mark, especially when the "accurate" previous forecasts are those most touted (by forecaster and media).

Having said that, I'm always willing to listen to a feasible argument based on some original thinking and an examination of growing trends. Even the "unthinkable" turns out to be true in some cases!

douche bag trader said...

yeah. he's not a lunatic...